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I can't believe they made everything so easy. Normally things like this are too good to be true - and I went into it with a bit of skepticism - but after everything was done I realized this is an exception. They gave me a better quote than anywhere else.They organized the entire pick up. I hardly had to see any paperwork. Best of all, they showed up with the check in their hand. I worked with Garrett, who was very helpful and took care of everything. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

-- Ryan Groegler (Orlando, FL)

1st call I made, I felt low balled. I called Brother Car Buyer, offered $150 more than the first company. I called at 4pm, by 9:00am the next day, a tow truck was here and I had my check. Brother Car Buyer was professional and easy going. He sent me text explaining the transfer of title and to contact him if I had any questions. 5 of 5 stars.

-- D.j. Baars (Orlando, FL)

I had a great experience! They got me as much money for my car and was there to pick it up the next day. Very professional company! I would definitely recommend them and use them again!

-- Kena Lynn Goins (Orlando, FL)

Pretty quick process. Talked on the phone with someone and had the car towed away the next day.

-- Brian Brianston (Plymouth, MA)

Great to work with. Picked up on time and paid on time

-- Ray Bullock (Tampa, FL)

Called and got a response the same day picked up the same day also was very happy

-- Sherri Proto (Orlando, FL)

Service was great. Nice people and in a timely manner!

-- Alexis Williams (Macon, GA)

Setting up the price and pick up was super easy. Sierra was on top of every detail. Pickup was on time and seamless.

-- Jeff Nichols (San Francisco, CA)

Excellent customer service! Constantly giving updates, and checking to see if everything went smoothly. Quick and easy pick up I didn’t even have to be there. Shout out to employee of the month Jonathan! If you have to pick anyone to deal with at this company he’s the guy. Very personable, and professional. Give that man a raise!!!

-- Aaron Perez-Theismann (Jacksonville, FL)

Phoebe worked with me in getting my crashed car picked up and getting the title over to them even with a tough time restriction. Thank you! One less thing to be worried about after a bad accident!

-- Coral Smolen (Tallahassee, FL)

Natalie was really nice and helpful throughout the process selling my car, her friendliness and excellent customer service was unbeatable which is why I chose this company over others such as Peddle, which behaved indifferently and is known to haggle prices.

-- Michael Watson (Cincinnati, IL)

They were quick and gave me a good price quote and picked it up the next day at no charge and wrote me a check right there. I expected to have to jump through hoops but it was quick and easy

-- Kyle Kelly (Lafayette, IN)

They towed away our junk car as arranged and the check they paid us with has posted in our bank account. Win-win!

-- April Jones (Augusta, GA)

This was my first time selling a car like this and it was a very smooth process! I was impressed with how professional everyone was. They gave a guaranteed quote for my vehicle, answered my questions promptly when I texted them, and were able to pick up my car quickly.

-- Kate Coffey (Orlando, FL)

This was the definition of professionalism from start to finish. Your concerns were their concerns and there was a representative every step if the way. This, in my opinion, is the pinnacle company for ridding that junk car.

-- Michael Rodriguez (Rancho Mirage, CA)

They were able to pick my car up in 2 days, and I got my check on the spot.

-- Brooke Lenora (Pittsburgh, PA)

Quick easy and all around great

-- Marie Paquette (Salem, MA)

They are very efficient and professional. Alex kept me updated on what was going on with my vehicle. I highly recommend this company. And most of all they paid me for picking up my junk car. When I should have paid them!

-- Victoria Williams (San Jose, CA)

Came when they said they would be here. Paid what they said they would pay. Driver was excellent, awesome experience all around would recommend this company to others.

-- Michael Burke (Dover, DE)

Thank you guys for your great customer service, you guys really are a same day service if needed. After finding out that my engine had blown out on my car and it had to be removed by the mechanic, I called you guys right away it was removed that same day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

-- Tameia Williams (Fresno, CA)

Everyone I spoke with was very pleasant. It was very quick and easy to set up a pick up date for the car. The gentleman who came to pick up the car was great! He called and gave me a time he would be at my home and showed up on time. Everyone was very professional from the first phone call to pick up if the car. I highly recommend this company! Thank you!!!

-- Laura Turiano (Norwalk, CT)

My experience with them was amazing. They called to schedule a pick up day and time, and they really worked with my schedule. They were really kind, respectful and friendly.

-- Lucy Bonilla (Indianapolis, IN)

Josh was great! He was very patient and answered all my questions with no problem. He met all my expectations and made the process so smooth.

-- Kaitlyn Casiano (Naples, FL)

Friendly and quick service. Helped me with my car, I didn't have to do anything but give my car info and they took care of the pick up at no cost to me. Was called 1 hour before pick up... was given a check for my car the day of pick up. I recommend this if u wanna get rid of a car and don't wanna do all kinda work.

-- Angel Reyes (San Jose, CA)

Great customer service, easy pick up. Had to reschedule a few times to work around my work schedule, but their dispatch was pretty cool about it. Got a fair price for my 09 Audi that didn't start. Cashed the check the next day. Would definitely use again.

-- Alex Reyes (San Jose, CA)

I was looking to sell my truck fast without the hassle of advertising or dealing with multiple potential buyers. James and his team offered me a fair price on my old truck. James was professional and explained the process step by step, couldn’t have been any easier! What I appreciated most was the tow truck driver called me the day before he showed up to narrow down the time frame in which he’d be picking up my truck and then actually did show up when he sad he would. Great customer service.

-- Melissa Leiser (San Jose, CA)

Experience was painless. They made everything easy. Will definitely remember them when selling another junker.

-- Tom Krajewski (Fresno, CA)

They were professional and helped every step of the way. They picked it up fast and the tow guy was very efficient and nice and made it easy. They gave me money in check form right there for the promised amount. It was a fair price, the damage done to my car was extensive. I'm very happy with the service of this company. Thank you again!!

-- Elise Loring (Colorado Springs, CO)

Awesome!! You also get your money the moment they pick up the vehicle.

-- Heriberto Maximiliano (Sacramento, CA)

Great service!

-- Marcus Massilien (Springfield, MA)

This was an easy transition. They were very informative of what was needed on my part. If I ever need to sell a car I won’t hesitate to give them a call.

-- Krysti Green (New Orleans, LA)

They are friendly and have great customer service.

-- Kristen Morin (Valdosta, GA)

Sold my 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage to them. The process was fast and easy. After inputting info online, I scheduled an appointment when and where the car will be picked up. During the wait, they communicated with me all the way until the car was picked up. I'll have to say, they were professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable with what they do. I recommend this business to anyone who needs to get rid of their car. Especially, when the repairs cost too much than the value of the car.

-- Donnie Fernandez (Bakersfield, CA)

Very professional and honest. Paid me exactly what we agreed to. Unlike the people I turned away after they showed up and tried to give me less money than what we agreed to.

-- James Hart (Miami, FL)

Great interactions throughout the process. The staff were courteous, attentive, and knowledgeable. Most importantly I got paid

-- Steve Lindsey (Hammond, LA)

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