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Great experience!! Everyone I talked to was so helpful and made the process so easy!!!

-- Kimmy Murphy (Newark, DE)

The communication was effective, the lady came on time and she was very nice. I would really recommend Brother Car Buyer.

-- Nel Quint (Charlotte, NC)

They were prompt and kind and did exactly what they said they would do. Great experience.

-- Grace Krohne (Nashville, TN)

Very helpful staff and the car pickup process was smooth and easy!

-- Jackson Hendricks (Ellicott City, MD)

Almost effortless and not a single hick up. They will be the only company I will call for any vehicle pick up.. it literally took 5 minutes to get my quote and ten minutes for the loading of my old Jeep , so all done and paid in under 30 minutes.. start to finish , absolutely awesome

-- Charles Richmond (Ellington, CT)

They made this SO EASY. I did the online form and within 24 hours I had a check in my hand. One phone call to arrange everything. And let’s be honest, if you find yourself suddenly with a junk car, chances are, you’ve had a stressful moment that got you there. The last thing I wanted was to spend a ton of time arranging to have the thing hauled off. But it was so super easy, and if I ever find myself with a clunker again, I know exactly who to call.

-- Amy Lynn Larwig (Nashville, TN)

My son found their website and shared it with me and I was really glad that he did. The experience was hassle free and they worked with me to get the most I could have gotten for my car. I would highly recommend them and will call them again if I ever have another car to sell.

-- Tom Bentley (Louisville, KY)

Made the task of getting rid of my car a painless process. Very prompt service. Would recommend to anyone wanting to junk a car.

-- Rachel Turchanik (Redford, MI)

Great service and very good offer for my junk car.

-- Onur Aydin (Miami, FL)

They were amazing, came the same day the tow truck driver was friendly and there was no problems overall I had a great experience with them

-- Mclarens Joseph (Jacksonville, FL)

Rachel, was super pleasant to work with the entire process. She was very thorough and helpful and made sure I got the best deal possible. Also, the APB Wrecker Service team was very friendly and helpful. Paid cash on the spot. I would definitely recommend.

-- Carol Butler (Jacksonville, FL)

if your looking to sell a junk car, staff is friendly, polite, quick and walk you through the entire process. i was in time crunch and they worked with me on the time and followed up with phone calls. great customer service!

-- Emmanuel Valdes (Clewiston, FL)

Very fast and efficient. 10/10

-- Jayvon Roundtree (Banksville, PA)

They are a very nice people to make business, on time and very professional.

-- Aristeo Luis (Atlanta, GA)

Easy. fast, and great communication. I loved the service!!! Would definitely recommend using them

-- Yolanda Rodriguez (Conyers, GA)

They are great!! I sold 2 cars with them. very easy to work with and they are fast.

-- Nubia Marina Sanchez (Hackensack, NJ)

I dealt with Jeff and it was super smooth. There is obviously a process between the offer and getting it picked up involving a tow company, but the offer for the car was fair and the cheque cleared straight away. Would definitely recommend seeing what price they can give.

-- Peter Towill (Savannah, GA)

They were excellent and very understanding they able to work with me even though I was out of town I really appreciate that again thank you all you Guys are the best #1 I truly recommend this company to anyone

-- Sandra Paiz (Miami, FL)

Communication is great! Definitely would use again!

-- Shay Wallace (Dublin, GA)

Great service, friendly people, and fair prices, and I didn’t have to pay for any towing

-- Stan Pierson (Atlantic Beach, FL)

Good service. Very helpful. They paid what they said they would for the car.

-- Tracy Beller (Orlando, FL)

Great experience, awesome customer service, and quick. Highly recommended!

-- Carly Barrett (Dover, DE)

Easy transaction, friendly and professional. I highly recommend them

-- Jorge Schneider (Chula Vista, CA)

Awesome service very courteous and patient. I feel they went above and beyond and will definitely use them again if need.

-- Denise Yonsetto Wiggs (Allentown, PA)

I recommend them if your looking for a place to get rid of a car or a vehicle that you don't want anymore. They gave me a great deal on my car. I just sold to them. Thank you, and I appreciate their help and their service.

-- Marco A Montana (Cleveland, OH)

My process was pretty simple and after a little negotiating I was given a fair price on my car. Definitely would recommend if you have a vehicle you are interested in selling.

-- Roger Jones (Colonial Heights, VA)

very proficient, will do business again with them

-- Les Buttram (Tampa, FL)

The company was very on the ball getting back to me and very helpful. Very quick pick up.

-- Nancy Day (Oakland, CA)

Great customer service, friendly and very helpful. They had a truck out the same day. The driver was professional,a informative, and my hero for the day.

-- Kristy Hoover (Mead, CO)

Went smooth and professionally. Picked my car up for free and was super nice. Got the most cash for my car from this place!

-- Victoria Noriega (Oceanside, CA)

Very professional and respectful people they picked up my crashed truck and gave me my check on the spot. I recommend it 100%

-- Manuel Arriaga (Banning, CA)

I sold my car to this company and I was positively surprised just how smooth and easy the process was. From the time I called them to the time I had a guaranteed offer from them took less than 20 minutes. They had someone pick the car up and I got a check in hand. Speaking with the representatives on the phone was a pleasure and they went out of their way to make my experience as easy and pleasant as possible. I highly recommend considering them if you’re looking to sell a used car quick and fo

-- John Smith (Colchester, CT)

Very good experience. It was a really easy process and they came to my residence and picked up the car!

-- Mark Strealy (Houston, TX)

They served myself with fast 1 day exchange. I received exactly what I expected in cash. I recommend these people to anyone wanting to get rid of there broke down vehicle.

-- Tim Kocurek (Fresno, CA)

they deliver with what they said they would and they were prompt

-- Chuck Waggener (Freeport, IL)

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