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Recently sold Ford Crown Victoria

2008 Ford Crown Victoria

2008 Ford Crown Victoria

Denver, CO
Scott H
Drives Under 150,000 miles
1991 Ford Crown Victoria Sedan

1991 Ford Crown Victoria Sedan

Ypsilanti, MI
Tyler L
Drives Under 100,000 miles
2008 Ford Crown Victoria

2008 Ford Crown Victoria

Stanley, NC
Matthew P
Starts Under 150,000 miles
2002 Ford Crown Victoria

2002 Ford Crown Victoria

Daytona Beach, FL
Travis T
Doesn't start Mileage unknown
2001 Ford Crown Victoria

2001 Ford Crown Victoria

West Bloomfield, MI
Scott M
Drives Under 250,000 miles
2003 Ford Crown Victoria

2003 Ford Crown Victoria

Charlotte, NC
Kim H
Drives Under 200,000 miles
2005 Ford Crown Victoria

2005 Ford Crown Victoria

Washington, DC
Doesn't start Mileage unknown
2008 Ford Crown Victoria

2008 Ford Crown Victoria

Capitol Heights, MD
Brenden N
Drives Under 150,000 miles
2000 Ford Crown Victoria

2000 Ford Crown Victoria

Jacksonville, FL
Carlida M
Doesn't start Under 200,000 miles


Super easy procedure! Got more for car than any of others. Hey $20 bucks is $20 bucks. Car got picked up and check done within 3 hours of start of online bid!! Super great way to get something for very old car.

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That made this process very easy and fast for me! They followed up after each action as they said they would. The tow truck arrived RIGHT on time, and the driver was very nice.

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Very professional. Great customer service. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

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I spoke to David and he was a lot of help. He walked me through the process and everything he explained was done correctly. The tow guy was also helpful and it was a great experience. I highly recommend them!

-- Cristina Castañeda (Orlando, FL)

I had an overall excellent experience with this company. I was initially given a lower price quote, which I declined; and proceeded to move on. However, the next day I was contacted again and offered a much fairer and competitive price for my vehicle. Working with Britnee via text messaging and with all of the employees locally was a completely professional and pleasant experience. My demonic car was towed free of charge and is no longer the bane of my existence.

-- Kipp Livsey (Salt Lake City, UT)

Fair and fast! Was given a fair and reasonable offer and the truck was picked up and check in hand within 24 hours. Great people and customer service! Would recommend to anyone.

-- Don Barnett (Hinckley, OH)

I had a quick turn over and check as agreed. I was trying to get rid of my old car that wasn't really running and they had given me the best offer.

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I junked my car and was grateful that they came to me to pick it up and pay me upfront. Cash on the spot.

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They were great. The company offered me a good price for my car that was no longer running. They stayed in constant communication with me throughout the process which made everything easy. They come tow your car and pay you on the spot. It doesn’t get more simple than that. I will definitely contact them again if I ever need to junk a car again. R.I.P. to my sidekick, I hated to see her go.

-- Chanté Westfield (Greenbelt, MD)

Best rate in my area and tow driver came with a check. Customer service was excellent

-- Tanisha Johnson (Norfolk, VA)

Awesome experience. Stephanie and Andrew were kind, helpful and professional. Towing was free and driver had my check ready when he picked up my vehicle. Highly recommend

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Friendly, fast, and knowledgeable service. I had a lemon a friend sold me and I didn't drive it for 2 years. It didn't run, I had issues with the title, the key was lost... I didn't know what to do. They helped me figure out how to get the documents ready, set an appointment, and got that problem out of my life. Their team was very helpful and was there too support the entire process.

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It's such an easy process. And best of all they come to pick up your car. Everyone I interacted was very friendly and helpful

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Truly do appreciate the great people that work in this company that give all their customers care and patience and make it the most convenient for the customer. Great experience with my boy Alex

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professional service across the board

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